Nancy Pelosi Plans to Win Back Her Gavel and Then Hand It Over—but Not Before Banging It

Never mind the dozens of Democratic House candidates pledging they will never vote for Nancy Pelosi. If Democrats retake the House, she’ll be the Speaker again. “Everyone who said that is not going to win,” says a Democratic leadership aide, noting that the dissident voices are in red districts where decrying Pelosi is part of the package. “And if they win, we’ve probably got a wave, and that means we’ve got a big margin,” says the aide. If Democrats fall short of the 23 seats needed for the majority, she and her lieutenants will be ousted. But the odds are that Pelosi is going to retake the gavel and then be a “transitional figure,” as she told the LA Times in October, adding that she would have stepped down from her party leadership role already if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election, confident the country was in the right hands.