Yes, This Senate Could Convict Trump. Here’s How.

If the Democrats win control of the House and launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, the working assumption today is that there are not 67 senators, the required supermajority, who would vote to convict, and Trump would be acquitted and on his merry way to declare victory. Not so fast, says Elaine Kamarck, a senior fellow in the Governance Studies program at the Brookings Institution. I’ve known Kamarck since the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign and her work with Vice President Gore on reinventing government. She is a policy person known for careful research and centrist ideas, so her Brookings study stating that conviction in the Senate is not impossible caught my attention. “In politics, arithmetic matters,” Kamarck told The Daily Beast in an interview. “The arithmetic in both institutions [House and Senate] makes the guy look invincible, and he’s not.”