Howard Schultz and Steve Schmidt Play Russian Roulette With 2020 Election

Howard Schultz, the billionaire founder of Starbucks, can afford the best so it’s no wonder he hired Steve Schmidt, one of the most brilliant critics of Donald Trump to stride the cable news world, for his potential 2020 challenge. For a lot of people rattled by Trump, Schmidt has been a harbor in the storm. I clung to his every word when last year he renounced the Republican Party—his party until this year—as “corrupt” and “immoral” and said it must “burn to the ground.” He urged Republicans to vote for Democrats in November, and when the blue wave materialized, he cheered.  The question, assuming he meant what he said about Trump and how he is denigrating our democracy and a danger to it, is how can Schmidt now throw his considerable intellect and political savvy behind Schultz, another white billionaire with presidential aspirations?