Will Northam Use Trump Playbook to Ride This Scandal Out?

The No. 1 rule of political scandal is that you can almost always ride it out. President Clinton had been Exhibit A, at least until Donald Trump rode out the Access Hollywood tape and ended up in the White House. A whole host of lesser officeholders have overcome unsavory improprieties, including Republican Sens. David Vitter (DC Madam) and Larry Craig (“wide stance”). Even former Gov. Mark Sanford was elected to Congress after straying on the Appalachian Trail. Iowa Republican Steve King, the recent subject of much deserved scrutiny for racist comments, is still in Congress. Democrat Chuck Robb rode out allegations of an affair with a former Miss Virginia USA while he was in the Senate, and reports about cocaine parties in his Virginia Beach circles when he was governor. The late Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd ascended to become his party’s leader even though as a young man he had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan.